Resume of Dr. L.A. Plugge

Personal details
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Leonard André
Roermond, The Netherlands
+31 (0)30 234 66 00
+31 (0)30 233 29 60
leo[at] (private)
Projects / Courses
Key Experience
  2001-present Executive Secretary Scientific Technical Council, SURF
Te rade bij de WTR (in Dutch)
  2010-present Executive Secrertary Governing Board GigaPort3, SURF
  2010-2012 Research fellow at Tilburg Center for Cognition and Communication at Tilburg University
  2007-2009 Executive Secretary Stuurgroep GigaPort NG, SURF
2000 -2001 Associate Professor at the University Maastricht, Maastricht McLuhan Institute, Learning Lab.
2000 -2001 Research fellow at the International Institute of Infonomics, e-Behaviour
1994 - 2000 Assistant Professor and Knowledge Transfer officer at the University Maastricht, Faculty General Science, Department of Computer Science, and the Institute for Knowledge and Agent Technology (IKAT).
1986 - 1994 Researcher on Expert systems, Artificial Neural Networks, Computer Supported Diagnosis at the University Maastricht, Medical Faculty, Department of Neuropsychology & Psychobiology.
1982 – 1986

Research Assistant at the Psychological Lab (Psychonomie), Universiteit Utrecht

1982 – 1986 Research Assistant at the Dentistry Faculty, University Utrecht. (now ACTA at the University of Amsterdam)
1979 - 1980 Teacher at the o.l.s. ‘Houtuynen’ and ‘De Stellepit’, Vlissingen.
1977 - 1978 Teacher at the o.l.s. ‘Jacob Cats’, Vlissingen.
1992 Ph.D. University Maastricht, Medical Faculty, Thesis: Evince: a Neuropsychiatric Desktop Expert System for the Diagnosis of Dementia.
1986 M.Sc. Psychology, University Utrecht.
Master thesis: autonomous learning system for the recognition of terrorist attacks.
Main Course: Cognitive Psychology, Artificial Intelligence.
Additional Course: Psychometrics, Statistics en Models
Extra Course: Education
1977 Fully qualified teacher, Pedagogical Academy, Middelburg.
1974 HAVO, Pedagogical Academy, Middelburg.
1972 MAVO, Rijksscholengemeenschap Scheldemond, Vlissingen.
Other Activities
  2009-present International Conference on Computer Supported Education (CSEDU)
CSEDU 2012 Programme Committee Membership
CSEDU 2011 Programme Committee Membership
CSEDU 2010 Programme Committee Membership
CSEDU 2009 Programme Committee Membership
2000 - 2002 Initiator and member of the Maastricht Knowledge Management Group.
1989 - 2000 Editorial Board member of the quarterly magazine Psychologie & Computers.
1989 - 2000 Board member of the User group Computer Supported Psycho diagnostics.
1993 - 1994 Director of Chi-Square Data and developer of the program Matcher, a program for fuzzy matching of objects for scientific research.
1977 - 1978 Chairman of the PvdA in Vlissingen.
Founder and chairman of the youth section in Vlissingen of the PvdA.
Co-founder of the Zeeland department of Amnesty International.