Resume of Dr. L.A. Plugge

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Leonard André
Roermond, The Netherlands
leo[at] (private)

Projects / Courses


Key Experience



Executive Secretary Scientific Technical Council, SURF
Te rade bij de WTR (in Dutch)



Executive Secrertary Governing Board GigaPort3, SURF



Research fellow at Tilburg Center for Cognition and Communication at Tilburg University



Executive Secretary Stuurgroep GigaPort NG, SURF

2000 -2001

Associate Professor at the University Maastricht, Maastricht McLuhan Institute, Learning Lab.

2000 -2001

Research fellow at the International Institute of Infonomics, e-Behaviour

1994 - 2000

Assistant Professor and Knowledge Transfer officer at the University Maastricht, Faculty General Science, Department of Computer Science, and the Institute for Knowledge and Agent Technology (IKAT).

1986 - 1994

Researcher on Expert systems, Artificial Neural Networks, Computer Supported Diagnosis at the University Maastricht, Medical Faculty, Department of Neuropsychology & Psychobiology.

1982 – 1986

Research Assistant at the Psychological Lab (Psychonomie), Universiteit Utrecht

1982 – 1986

Research Assistant at the Dentistry Faculty, University Utrecht. (now ACTA at the University of Amsterdam)

1979 - 1980

Teacher at the o.l.s. ‘Houtuynen’ and ‘De Stellepit’, Vlissingen.

1977 - 1978

Teacher at the o.l.s. ‘Jacob Cats’, Vlissingen.



Ph.D. University Maastricht, Medical Faculty, Thesis: Evince: a Neuropsychiatric Desktop Expert System for the Diagnosis of Dementia.


M.Sc. Psychology, University Utrecht.

Master thesis: autonomous learning system for the recognition of terrorist attacks.

Main Course: Cognitive Psychology, Artificial Intelligence.

Additional Course: Psychometrics, Statistics en Models

Extra Course: Education


Fully qualified teacher, Pedagogical Academy, Middelburg.


HAVO, Pedagogical Academy, Middelburg.


MAVO, Rijksscholengemeenschap Scheldemond, Vlissingen.

Other Activities



International Conference on Computer Supported Education (CSEDU)
CSEDU 2012 Programme Committee Membership
CSEDU 2011 Programme Committee Membership
CSEDU 2010 Programme Committee Membership
CSEDU 2009 Programme Committee Membership

2000 - 2002

Initiator and member of the Maastricht Knowledge Management Group.

1989 - 2000

Editorial Board member of the quarterly magazine Psychologie & Computers.

1989 - 2000

Board member of the User group Computer Supported Psycho diagnostics.

1993 - 1994 

Director of Chi-Square Data and developer of the program Matcher, a program for fuzzy matching of objects for scientific research.

1977 - 1978

Chairman of the PvdA in Vlissingen.
Founder and chairman of the youth section in Vlissingen of the PvdA.
Co-founder of the Zeeland department of Amnesty International.